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My name is Alf Silke and I live in the "big city" of Yellowknife in Canada's Great White North, the Northwest Territories. Some of you know me as "scouteralf", a name which I chose as my internet handle because that's how the Scouts say it, all one word.

I've worn many different hats in Scouting over the years, and although I am not currently involved, I try to keep in touch with those who are. In the past I have been Balloo or Akela for the 7th Yellowknife Cubs, Troop Scouter for the 7th Yellowknife Scouts and Assistant Scouter for the 1st Yellowknife Scouts. I also wore the hat of Manager for the Scouts Used Book Store from 1997 to 2006.

I became interested in the History of Scouting in the NWT as a direct offshoot of my curiosity about the story behind some of the badges I was running across in my collecting. In October of 1999, when I asked the NWT Council's permission for access to the old records, they promptly added Council Historian to my job title.

After countless hours of pouring over the old files and looking at the long list of ex-NWT Scouters I still have to contact and interview, I realized that if I wait until all the work is complete, it will never see the light of day. Follow the links embedded in the images at the top of the page to get to the various sections of my website. When you bring the mouse to an image, the arrow will change to a hand, indicating an active link. Leave it there for a second or two longer and text should appear describing the link.

The Inventory of NWT Scouting Artifacts is as complete as it's going to be without your help. If you know of anything else out there that should be listed, please let me know. If you can supply a scan or photo of any of the items, it would be greatly appreciated.

(A word of warning; the Inventory is very graphics intensive. If your internet connection is anything slower than DSL, go have a cup of coffee (or two) while it loads up all those scans.)

I will add to the History of Scouting in the NWT and Scouting in the Communities as I feel happy with their content. Input from those of you who may have attended the events will be greatly appreciated. Get in touch with me and tell me your story.

I hope that you find what I have up right now interesting and enjoyable. Bookmark and come back often.



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