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scouteralf's Want List

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See my Trading Material by clicking on the link above. If you're interested in trading, email me.

NWT Badges Wanted:

2nd Aklavik
silk ribbon (unlisted)
Eskimo Point
silk ribbon (unlisted)
Inuvik - Place of Man
silk ribbon (unlisted)
Yellowknife N.W.T.
silk ribbon (unlisted) 
NWT Y2a/,A,B
Group Letter
silk ribbon (unlisted)  
NWT Y2c/02
"Yellowknife 2"
  no picture available       
 NWT P3a
Pine Point
Pine Point Necker  NWT Misc 4a
NWT Map Badge
no badges sewn on
NWT Language Strip, Orthographics
I Speak Eskimo
Scouts Canada
Northwest Territories rectangular ribbon
1st Territorial Camp 1976 Pine Lake NWT 

 Midnight Sun
Cub Camp badge
Yellowknife Region Beaveree, 1988. (unlisted) Arctic and Northern Jamboree (1968) Necker Slide     Arctic and Northern Jamboree (1968) Thanks Paperweight  
 2nd Arctic & Northern Jamboree.
Coin 5c nickle
2nd Arctic & Northern Jamboree.
BC Contingent Badge
 Archery Champion
(gold & bronze borders)  
Athletics Champion
(gold border)
 Centennial Olympics Champion gold border 
 Champion Marksman
gold & bronze borders
Handicrafts Champion
gold & bronze borders
  Raft Race Champion
gold & bronze borders
  Talent Show Champion
gold silver & bronze borders
 Waterfront Champion
gold & bronze borders
  1st NWT Jamboree Totem, thongs, beads & bear claw   1st NWT Jamboree
Necker Slide
1st NWT Jamboree
 1st NWT Jamboree
BC Contingent
cloth badge

NWT Tourist Badges Wanted:

I have the following: Aklavik (town motto), Arctic Bay (muskox), Bathurst Inlet Lodge (Inuit with harpoon), Clyde River (Inuit hunter with harpoon in silhouette), Fort Smith (bison), Grise Fiord (Inuit hunter with harpoon and seal), Lake Harbour (seal), Nanisivik (miner, Inuit carrrying kayak and 2 narwhals), Resolute Bay (3 polar bears), Tuktoyaktuk (walrus).

I would be interested in any NWT Tourist badge. Please send scan or description.

Centennial Camps Wanted:

In the late 60's and early 70's the Centennial District in Ontario issued badges in the shape of various provinces for their district camps.
Looking for the eastern portion of the NWT, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.
I have spare BC and Yukon segments or anything else from my trading list for any that I am missing.

The rest of my Wantlist:

Unlisted Yukon:
1st Whitehorse Group Badge
Elsa, Yukon - Group Badge
Haines Junction - Group Badge, Cubs
Haines Junction - Group Badge, Scouts

Group Badges (send scan first)

Group Badges (send scan first)

Newfoundland and Labrador
Group Badges (send scan first)

CJ '77:
New Brunswick Contingent

CJ '81:
PEI Contingent

CJ '85:
Sub Camp (Nanook) Hat
Sub-Camp Nanook badge
Sub-Camp Nanook Jacket
Sub-Camp Nanook Membership card
Crest of P. Olar Bear "from the South side"

CJ '89:
NWT Contingent Jacket

CJ '97:
Pioneer Challenge
Environment Canada - French
Venture Service Program
River Lake Program Staff
Offsite Tours
Splash 'n Crash
Q.M. Staff
Very Special People
NWT Contingent Luggage Tag

CJ '01:
Bear on a Wire
Night Wide Games

WORLD Jamboree:
WJ badges 1947, 1951, 1959

WJ '83:
NWT Contingent T-shirt

1st Jamboree 1939

2nd Jamboree 1964

2nd Jamboree 1964
5th Jamboree 1994

1st Jamboree 1969
2nd Jamboree 1974